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SKOT (OT-64)


Tel. +48 601 586 295, e-mail sklep@militariaanhol.pl

Product features

Traction systemWheeled vehicle
Vehicles / deviceSKOT (OT-64)

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Country: Poland, Czechoslovakia

Vehicle type: armored personnel carrier

Traction: wheeled 8x8

Crew: 2 + 10 (version 2A and 2AP)


Production: 1963 - 1971

Technical data

Engine: Diesel engine, 4-stroke,

Transmission: mechanical with semi-automatic preselection gearbox

Capacity. zb. fuel: 350

Armor: Welded from rolled plates

Length 744 cm

Width: 255 cm

Height: 283 cm

Clearance: 40 cm

Weight 12.9 tons


Speed: on the road - 95 km / h

on the water - 8-9 km / h

Range: 650-740 km


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Products and items presented in our catalog come from the vehicles 'and military devices' demobilization or from purchased inventory, they can be used or new. Please contact us in case of uncertainty or lack of description call and ask - tel. +48 601 586 295

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SKOT (OT-64)

SKOT (OT-64)



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